2013 + Santa Fe DM i45 (5 Passenger) HI Safe & Guard AUTO BRAKE HOLD / ANTI THEFT SYSTEM

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Product Description

Anti-Theft Features

HI SAFE&GUARD can be controlled with the remote control
button to activate the anti-theft mode.
Even if car doors are opened by force and try to start the car
and louder alarm goes on and the car will not start.

HI SAFE&GUARD detects any attempts to start engine and it
protects vehicle by completely restrictin the vehicle from running
with louder warning alarm noise despite depressing the brake or accelerator pedal.

Once anti-theft mode goes on auto hold will stop the care.

HI SAFE&GUARD is triple security System to protect vehicle from theft:  

-Door lock and Unlock System

-Anti-theft alarm system  

-Start transmitter lock system

HI SAFE&GUARD is compatible with a wide range of Hydraulic Brake system from Sedan to Truck.


Auto Brake Hold Feature

Auto hold system responds within 1.5 seconds after the pressing brake pedal.

The system allows time to free your foot from brake pedal and the system releases the brakes once either the brake or accelerator pedal is pressed again.

Works safe on up and down hills so no need to use parking brake (Hand Brake).

It helps avoid fatigue while driving for long house in heavy congested areas.






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