Quick Start Module Set

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Product Description

Start your engine quickly, with style! The quick start module set includes the quick start module box along with the OEM Genesis start button which can be used with any vehicle.


1. )Press the button for about 2 seconds to go to ACC status. (At this stage, you can get music or radio)
2.) Then, press the button short to go to key on status.
3.) Then, apply the brake and press the button short (same as step 2) to start the engine.
4.) To stop the engine,  apply the brake and press the button short.
If you want to go back to key off status from ACC or key on status, press the
button for about two seconds. Also, if you want to jump directly to ACC status and go straight to key on status, just press the button short.

**NOTE:  This item requires professional installation, includes basic installation instructions. This unit does not need to replace your OE ignition key, although it can be installed in the place of the OE ignition key if desired. Korean Auto Imports will not be held liable for any installation issues or other issues resulting in the installation of this item.



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