Genesis Coupe Intrax Wing Spoiler

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Product Description

The 3D GT Wing is initially designed using computer graphics to suit sports cars. This gives your Genesis Coupe stability and better cornering at higher speeds. It takes into consideration the disadvantages of normal spoilers such as their weight and the way they look. Therefore the GT Wing provides your Coupe with a faster look with a minimum amount of weight. GT Wing spoilers are made of ABS - not aluminum like regular spoilers. The main feature of the GT Wing is the Deck. The Deck is initially designed in 3D computer graphics and then manufactured by a Blow-Molding process using high quality polycarbonate or ABS. Extremely light (2.8Kg or 6.16 Lbs) and durable. We provide 4 different brackets and 3 end caps to fit the look and style you desire. You are also able to adjust the wing angles for better performance and a faster look. Simply select the desired bracket and end cap using the drop down list below.


Weight : 2.8 Kg
Length : 1450 mm
Color : Black




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